Welcome To Bhat’s Curry House

Nepalese-Indian restaurant B-Hat’s curry house, a US ARMY veteran owned and ethnic restaurant is proud to serve traditional Indian and Nepalese cuisines. Our goal is to serve a wide variety of delicious authentic Indian and Nepalese foods and popular beverages in a clean, attractive and comfortable environment. We assure you that this is the Best Indian restaurant on Watertown NY ready to serve you.
We are very different than many other ethnic restaurants because of our strong family bond and our own traditional recipes. Our family is the backbone of the business. The highly dedicated team of 4 from our family will play the vital role to optimize our guests’ experience up to the highest level possible.

we just practice a simple Mantra: Guests First and Quality %.


What We Serve

Soup and Salads

Veggie Soup is Vegan; a combo of different fresh veggies with homemade veggies broth. Chicken soup is made of cooked ground chicken with various spices. Slade featuring lettuce, cucumbers, carrots,...


Raita: Yogurt and classic herbs and spices. Papad: Crunchy thin dough of black gram flour. Pickle: Fermented Raw Mangoes.


Vegetables, Chicken, Shrimp, and Calamari Pakoras. Vegetables/Chocken Samosas, and Mo:Mo. Vegan appetizers as well.

Chicken Dishes

The authentic flavor of various chicken items such as B-Hat's famous chicken curry, tikka masala, chili masala, butter chicken, and Kadai chicken.

Fish and Shrimp

Quality Fish and Shrimp dishes to include curries, biryanis, and masalas. In addition, we serve Lamb dishes such as curry, tikka masala, korma, and kebabs.

Vegetable Dishes

Proud to say that we got the best VEGAN options in Northern NY. Famous Vegan options include: Aalo Gobhi, Mixed Veggie Curry, Veggie Vindaloo, spinach/Chana, Chowmein, and Chana Masala. Other...

Biryani and Rice Special

The Biryani is a combination of your ghee/saffron rice with meat and vegetables. We have Lamb, Chicken, Shrimp, and Vegetable biryanis. Also, ask for our vegan biryani options.

Naan (Tandoori Bread)

Naan is a traditional flatbread baked in the clay oven. We serve Plain, Spicy, Garlic, Onion, and Chicken. Deep-fried naan/dough is known as Bhature. Aaloo Paratha, a different type of...


Gulab Jamun, Rasmalai, and Kheer (Nepalese style Rice pudding)